How Chiropractic Helps Muscle Tension and Herniated Discs

By June 10, 2024Health Blog

Can Chiropractic Address Muscle Tension?

What Causes Muscle Tension?

There are several causes of muscle tension. Acute cases are often the result of recent injuries. Longer-lasting muscle tension can be caused by repetitive activities like sports, unusual sleep positions, lack of sleep, emotional stress, unhealed past injuries, and desk work. We all know how being too sedentary can have poor physical outcomes.

Additionally, muscle tension is generally tied to poor posture and a misaligned spine. This is where your chiropractic health care team comes together to help correct the misalignment and posture concerns. In theory, improving your posture can sound straightforward. However, old habits and poor muscle development require more than just thought to be corrected.

How Chiropractic Will Help

We will assess and ask questions about your habits, rest and wake patterns, and activity levels. Then, if needed, a Chiropractic adjustment can be made to correct vertebrae movement in your spine. The goal of the adjustment is to restore the proper alignment of your spine while instigating the nerve impulses that will allow your muscles to relax.

Muscles are attached to bone and tendons, which means when the spine is misaligned, the tendons pull on muscles, causing tension.

The Chiropractic Adjustments are Not Just for Spinal Health

Adjustments can help with many causes of muscle pain and tension. Chiropractors work in a way that addresses body function, alleviating the cause of the discomfort you are experiencing.

Alternatively, tight muscles or spasms can cause misalignment in the bones and vertebrae, which can cause or exacerbate misalignment. Treating the tension is the catalyst for long-term healing and improvement.

Regardless of the Cause, We Can Help

There is no right or wrong answer to muscle tension regarding care delivery. Massage, physiotherapy, and chiropractic care complement each other regarding uncovering methods to treat and prevent injuries, muscle tension, and other issues related to a misaligned spine.

Your physiotherapist may recommend chiropractic care, we may recommend massage, and your RMT may recommend physiotherapy and chiropractic care. The general rule is that we work together as a team to ensure the best circle of care for your circumstances and your family.

It’s Always Best to be Proactive

Making Chiropractic Care a part of your primary routine as a preventative measure is always the best course of action. Years of muscle tension can undoubtedly be prevented in many cases. Many patients seek Chiropractic Care as a means to focus on reactive care, later wishing they had discovered the benefits of Chiropractic Care earlier.

If you are not already connected to a chiropractic care team, reach out to us and schedule a Chiropractic Spinal Assessment.


Should I See a Chiropractor For a Herniated Disc?

What is a Disc?

A disc is an intervertebral disc that lays between each vertebra of the spine. It acts as a “shock absorber” and a “shock distributor” – allowing for flexibility in your spine. These discs have a tough outer layer and gelatin-like center.

When there is a defect or crack in the disc’s outer layer, the gelatin-like substance that creates the cushion for your vertebrae leaks out. This is referred to as a bulging, herniated, or ruptured disc. The degeneration of the disc can be gradual or sudden, depending on the cause.

The causes can range from accidents to obesity to poor posture. Whatever the reason, the pain that results from a herniated disc can be excruciating at its worst and hugely inconvenient at best.

What’s Next?

We will assess the severity of your injury, complete a thorough medical history and a physical exam, and perform neurological and orthopedic tests to determine the best course of action. 

We may order an x-ray (or other diagnostic tests) to get a good look at what’s happening. We will assess the health and structure of your entire spine, as damage in one section of your spine can lead to pain in a completely different part of your body.

What if I’m Not a Good Candidate for Chiropractic Care?

The truth is, not everyone is – and there are various reasons for this. But some more immediate conditions will require a surgeon. If you lose control of your bladder or bowels, you will likely be referred to a neurologist or neurosurgeon. In addition, if there is a considerable decrease in strength, sensation, or mobility – being assessed by a neurology specialist is required. 

However, if you are a candidate for Chiropractic care, we will be able to provide you with various treatment options to address your pain and symptoms. 


To treat a herniated disc, we will will develop a treatment plan that will include spinal adjustments, exercise and more. If needed, we will recommend seeing a pain medicine specialist and/or physiotherapist.

Wherever your course of treatment takes you, living with the pain of a herniated disc can be almost unbearable at times. The most critical piece of information you can have is to choose a course of treatment and remain committed to it.

If you believe you have a herniated disc call us today and schedule a Chiropractic Spinal Assessment.