Summer is for fishing on Lake Erie.

Winter is for snowmobiling called Zoom Zoom.

I thoroughly engage in walleye trolling on Lake Erie since 1988.  Most trips are productive and a ton of “guy fun”.  Many good memories with kids and grandkids have been made “on the water”.

Winter used to be “boring” until Zoom Zoom came along about 10 years ago.  There is something both beautiful and exhilarating when snowmobiling from Cambridge to Listowel and back.  Early morning tree crystals are awesome to behold.

I love to BBQ and cook breakfast.  Coming from a Russian-Ukrainian background, some of my favourite foods include Borscht, perogies, crepes, potato latke, sauerkraut, salted pickles, herring, rye bread and rice pudding.  The dessert I still crave and am “hunting for” is a good home-made butter tart which I compare to my Mom’s classic.  Hers were the best ever.  Several have come close since.

Spring and summer also found me following the Late Model Car Racing APC Series. Nascar is a great summer pastime.

Holidays are spent on a cruise, on Vancouver Island, in our back yard, or at a rented cottage.  Music is enjoyed regularly, but has to be loud.  I play bass and regular guitar, along with the music.  Live concerts by local artists and the Blues Festival  are some favourites each summer.

Vera, my wife of 41 years (1975-married) is a very patient, kind, loving and merciful lady for living with me all these years.  She is an Interior Designer and Stagger and does excellent work with wonderful results.  Vera can make any home warm and comfortable and inviting by colour change and clutter reduction.  When she gets to Heaven, she will receive 2 crowns…one is for living with me.

Faith is a large and important piece of our spiritual lives, we have attended Forward Church since 1976 (year of graduation from CMCC).  Our Heavenly Father provides for all we need, our Lord Jesus is our Saviour for our Eternal Home in Heaven and the Holy Spirit guides and enables us daily.  Scripture is our “Play Book”.

Living Life full out with passionate purpose through chiropractic is my honour and privilege.