Dr. Dougley’s Story

Dr Alex Dougley Cambridge ChiropractorAs a seasoned Doctor of Chiropractic, I am now living the chiropractic miracle daily.

My heart’s desire for you and your family is to experience LIFE to its fullest potential…starting TODAY….through the gift to mankind called

Chiropractic Care! 

It is only through a “Normal Nervous System” that all of the functions of your body can be controlled by your brain…remember…your brain controls everything through your spinal cord (Central Nervous System and Motor/Pain Fibers) inside your spine….then out through the nerve roots to nerve pathways leading to every cell in your body.

Your brain produces the “Healing Power” necessary to restore normal function of all cells and systems and organs in your body.  This “power is called INNATE

As a chiropractor, I locate and reduce and remove that which interferes with the flow of this “INNATE”.  This interference is called


….and can be physical, emotional, and chemical in nature.

TODAY….our society is running daily at 16,000 rpm. and with Sunday shopping and Mom and Dad both working, our society is lacking a “day of rest”, and is running on “emotionally empty bank accounts” and has little or no recovery time from trauma, illness or emotional impacts of LIFE.

This is why, medication use is higher every year….people want to “feel better” without directing attention to the cause of their dis-ease (symptoms)

That’s why I am thrilled to design and deliver an Engineered Wellness Plan for our Practice Members.  By following a plan, coaching the process and its challenges and measuring outcomes in reasonable time frames,


For those wanting to go deeper, read the attached “I BELIEVE” on a daily basis…this philosophical writing will change your life forever….if you can say


From my heart to yours,

Dr. Alex Dougley D.C.