I believe you were put here in this office and on this planet…for a reason and a season!

I believe you are special…that’s why YOU were chosen.

I believe there is no one like you on the planet and you were born with unique gifts, talents and dreams.

Your gifts…can help many people!

Your talents…can inspire many people!

Your dreams…can give other people hope!

I believe that deep inside of you is a perfect picture of all you ever wanted to become…you feel it every day…and as the freedom to be the real you is expressed, the world will smile at you, with you and for you.  You will create your own cheer leading parade…because the real you is so special…created and chosen before the foundation of the earth!

I believe that your legacy will be firmly established through the wonderful gift to mankind called chiropractic…and as your body, soul, spirit and very essence exude the real you, many people will be healed, given hope and inspired to share their story in order that many more can benefit through chiropractic!

I believe…you are the “Greatest Miracle” for your generation…NOW!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life…this is not a dress rehearsal…everything you think, say and do has eternal implications because your are now saving lives daily through chiropractic!

Today you take immediate action toward realizing your greatest dreams…and saying goodbye to your greatest fears…for “without dreams, the people perish”.

Today you bury the past and resurrect the future while fully living life in the present…for all you really have is the present moment to create your future…for your destiny is largely your personal choice!  Your past will continue to be your future only if you drag it along with you.

Your future begins NOW!

Dr. Dougley