Become Your Own Valentine and Tips to avoid Slips

By February 6, 2023Newsletter

Become Your Own Valentine

Are you one of the people who looks forward with anticipation to Valentine’s Day? Or is it a day that’s more filled with expectations or even disappointment, that never seems to quite measure up? Whether you have someone you consider your valentine or not, there’s always another option: making yourself your own valentine.

Here’s what you can to to celebrate the #1 person who deserves it: you!

  1. Take yourself on a date. Is there anything you wish your current partner or a potential partner would do with you? Stop waiting and dare to do it on your own. Seeing a movie is a perfect way to spend time by yourself. Or go out to dinner with the book you’re currently reading as your date. 
  2. Explore in your own town. It can be as simple as taking a walk in an area you haven’t been to before, or going to a tourist attraction you’ve never taken the time to see. Having a new experience on your own while getting exercise is a perfect combination. 
  3. Buy yourself flowers. Do you only get flowers if someone else buys them for you? Never thought about getting them on your own? It’s time. There’s no rule that says you can’t splurge on yourself. You can get a gorgeous bouquet from the grocery store or your local florist. Choose an arrangement that makes you feel instantly cheery each time you see it. 
  4. Wear clothes you feel great in. Have a tie, dress or pair of shoes that makes you feel good as soon as you wear it? Stop saving it for the special occasions that rarely or never come around. You can dress up for your solo home date night or any other reason. Don’t wait for an excuse! You deserve to feel like a million bucks now. 
  5. Treat yourself. Saw some bath bombs in a store, but didn’t feel like you could justify buying them? Don’t have an outfit you feel like a million bucks in? While it’s nice to have a wish list, you have to prioritize turning it into reality on occasion. It’ll be dependent on your budget, but make a purchase that you feel enhances your sense of well-being this Valentine’s Day. 
  6. Stay away from any negativity. Learning to love yourself has to involve replacing negative thoughts. Next time you put yourself down, replace it immediately with a more positive thought. For example: you might ordinarily look in the mirror and think, “I really need to lose a few pounds.” Instead, replace it with “I am so appreciative to my body for carrying me through life all these years.” 
  7. Write yourself a love letter. Like anything else, self-love takes practice. Write down what you think you need to hear, such as what you love about yourself, or something that happened during your day that you’re proud of. Yes, it may feel uncomfortable to get started. Remind yourself that nobody else ever has to read what you’ve written. Bonus points for starting to journal in this manner, and going back over past entries when you need a boost!

How to Avoid Icy Slips and Falls

Ready to switch out your boots to ice skates? Winter is a beautiful time of year, but it can be pretty unforgiving and dangerous, too. Snow, ice and slippery conditions can cause serious accidents and injury all season long. While hopefully you never sustain anything too serious, it’s entirely possible to break a bone and have a long recovery in front of you.

The good news is, there is much you can do to prevent yourself from becoming sidelined all winter long. By preparing and knowing what you can do, you minimize your risks of being hurt and injured.

Here are some top tips to make sure you get through the winter season:

  • Skip the fancy shoes. No matter where you’re going, wear supportive, rubber-soled boots. You can always take a pair of lighter shoes to put on when you arrive at your destination. Winter boots are made to navigate slippery conditions, while other shoes won’t have that same advantage. 
  • Get snow grips. These grips are worn on the bottom of shoes or boots, giving you greater traction when you walk outside. 
  • Stop hurrying. Plan extra time if need be, but walk slowly and sure-footedly, paying attention to where you place your feet each step of the way. 
  • Use assistance when available. If there is a handrail or you have a walking stick, use it! 
  • Waddle like a penguin. In the iciest conditions, consider taking small steps and moving from side to side, like a penguin would walk. 
  • Reconsider your errands. On the worst winter days, do you really need to go out? 
  • Keep your hands free. Don’t shove them into your pockets, because then they can’t help you balance. 
  • Hold onto the car. When getting in and out of the car, hold onto the door or the frame of the car to give extra support before you get your bearings. 
  • Keep paths clear. Around your house, make sure there is no debris, water, ice or snow. 

Think inside, too, not just about outside. In your house, use the mat inside the door to dry off the soles of your shoes. That way, you won’t slip once you get inside, and nobody else will take a fall on a wet floor, either.

What to Do If You Fall

We all know that feeling of your feet going out from under you. Your arms are windmilling, and you know you’re about to go down. Some people make the mistake of trying to catch themselves with their arms, often ending up with a serious wrist or elbow injury. It’s best to take the hit on your back or buttocks instead. Don’t get up immediately, as you may further hurt yourself. Allow someone to assist you instead.

If your injury is more serious, seek professional help immediately. A slip or fall on the ice can cause pain and discomfort for weeks, months or even years afterward if not properly dealt with. If you’ve had a fall that you think may be the key to your problems, consider chiropractic. As practitioners with experience in evaluating your spine, muscles, joints and nervous system, we are a great choice to consult with about a slip or fall.