Movie Night? Game Night? What Are You Doing Now?

By April 8, 2020Newsletter

Time to Unwind

Social distancing has some in a panic, and for others it’s been seen as a means to get things done, spend time with our families, and relax. The truth is we have no control over how we’re being asked to respond to this, but we can control how we use this time as we are forced to slow down.

The following are a list of things we can do to stay busy, keep moving, and remain connected – even when we are cleared to engage with others again.

Family Movie Night

Binge watching a series is fun, but when was the last time you actually set aside a few hours to watch a movie as a family? Get out the blankets and pillows, make a comfortable spot, get out the popcorn, and watch something you all love.

It’s just you and your partner? Perfect. Light some candles, and all of the above can be just as relaxing.

Games Night

When was the last time you all got together and played a game? There is no better time than now to pull out the Monopoly, Jenga, Uno, Cards with Humanity, Scrabble, or whatever your favourite game is. A little healthy competition is a fun way to distract yourself and unwind with your loved ones. 

If you’re feeling ultra competitive, make it into a tournament!

Clean out the Garage

Spring cleaning has not been cancelled. The weather is getting warmer and now is the perfect time to spend a few hours outside cleaning the garage, airing it out, and organizing all the things you’ve thrown in there over the winter.

If you use it for storage and garbage bins, it’s perfect weather for spraying down the bins and pulling out your gardening supplies.

If you use it for your car, power washing the salt off the floor and airing it out are a great way to begin a new season. 


Open those windows and use your time to finally get that painting done. A fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive way to change the entire look of a room, or to brighten up an area that was beginning to lose its lustre. Don’t forget to get the family involved, painting is something that can easily be a group effort. Children over the age of 7 can be useful, and they’ll enjoy having some responsibility in the family’s redecorating efforts.

Long Walks

If you are lucky enough to live near a park or ravine, nature is putting on a show for us. Robins are out, foliage is growing, all of the dead leaves and plants are being replaced with life! Take a walk with your children, play a game of I spy, count the clouds, and sing songs. You’re making memories.

No children? You can still do all of the above, or enjoy the peacefulness of silence and a good book.

We Don’t Have to be Sedentary

The truth is, social distancing doesn’t mean you are sitting on your couch for an indefinite amount of time. It’s crucial that we keep our minds working, our bodies moving, and our mood elevated. This doesn’t mean filling every moment of the day with scheduled activities, rather find some sort of balance that works for your family or environment and work with that. This break from the everyday hustle can work in our favour by allowing us the opportunity to reconnect with ourselves, each other, and nature.

Until we are free to safely socialize again, let’s make the best of this time.

Simple Ways To Support Your Immune System

Reduce or eliminate sugar from your diet. Simple or refined sugars wreak havoc on your digestive and immune systems. It is possible to eliminate all simple and refined sugars from your diet, it just takes some time (I recommend doing this slowly) and adjustments to your lifestyle.

Get enough sleep. This looks different for different people, but 6-8 hours of solid sleep should be enough. If you are able to take a short nap in the afternoon, do so. If you feel yourself unnaturally tired in the afternoon and are unable to nap, you should be sleeping longer during the night. Your body needs good sleep in order to rest and rejuvenate itself adequately. 

Vitamin D. Sunshine is our greatest source of vitamin D. Going for a long walk outside will increase your body’s vitamin D and provide a much needed change of events during your day.

Stay active. We can not stress this enough. Physical activity keeps your blood flowing, your muscles limber, your skeletal system strong, and your mood intact. All of which contribute to a strong immune system. Go for a walk, paint your home, do some jumping jacks, try an online exercise program, start a virtual exercise club with friends and challenge each other. 

Enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s easy to slip into unhealthy eating habits during this chaos. That’s why you need to purposely make meals as healthy as possible and enjoy a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables during the day. Apples, squash, cucumbers, peppers, carrots, and sweet potatoes are just some of the fruits and vegetables that can last for a while without perishing.

Stay safe and stay healthy!