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Alex Dougley

This office is friendly and caring

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Pain when walking, sitting and sleeping which was interfering with my normal way of living brought me to Dr. Dougley.  After tests were done to show Dr. D. what was wrong with my spine, I started treatments with him.  I am now pain free and on my way to a healthy life, thanks to Dr. D.

I recommend Dr Dougley’s chiropractic office to anyone who would like to be healthy and free of pain.  This office is friendly and caring and ready to help you.  It’s a good thing!

Esther Carlton.

A lot healthier!

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Since I have been going to Dr. Dougley, I have avoided the flu and in turn my family seems to be also avoiding the flu.  I guess if Mom doesn’t get sick it is easier for the rest of the family to avoid illness.

Truly feel better!

Ilidia S.