I started going to Doctor Dougley’s Chiropractic Clinic in February of 2012. I was experiencing pain in my lower back, unbearable pain that should not be an issue for someone as young as me. Dr. Dougley performed a Thermal spine scan and an X-ray of my back, in doing so we discovered that my spine was not straight and there appeared to be damage to my lower tail bone, which happened from a childhood injury that never quite healed properly. The injury was from when I was about 10 years old and I never had any issues at all until I was about 26. In fact I had forgotten all about the day of that injury, I landed directly on my tail bone on a rock from about 7 feet up. The pain was so intense that I blacked out and when I woke up I was lying on the playground with teachers and several of my friends standing over me. I remember this event so vividly because upon waking up I could not move or feel my legs, I was so scared that I was never going to walk again. After about 10 minutes the feeling and function of my legs came back to me. Being very young I figured everything was fine and didn’t think much of it. Dr. Dougley requested that I go for an MRI, upon doing so we discovered that there was a compression fracture that didn’t quite heal properly causing my back to be out of line, because my back has been out of line for the last 16 years it caused a few of the lower discs to wear prematurely. This scares me because I am still very young and don’t want to be experiencing back issues in the later years of my life. After going to Doctor Dougley for about 8 months we have noticed dramatic improvements, my spine is almost perfectly straight and aligned the way it should be.

Being an Engineer, I understand the concept of having a properly aligned back, and disc wear. For me, my back pain was gone within a couple of visits, because I wanted long term results not just a quick fix and pain relief. Just because there is not any pain does not mean everything is ok, once the discs are worn they’re gone, there is no fixing that, so the best thing you can do is prevent them from wearing in the first place. One of my favorite things about Dr. Dougley is he actually does detailed diagnostics using a thermal scan and X-rays identifying the exact issue, rather than just “cracking your back” and hoping it’s all good. Also, he follows up on a monthly basis to actually see that his treatments are making a difference and you as a client can actually see the improvement. I am the kind of person that likes to know exactly how everything works and know that my issue is actually improving, seeing the results and drawing my own conclusions if the treatment is helping or if it’s a waste of time and money. Doctor Dougley explained everything each step of the way and showed me each treatment was actually making a difference and my money was well spent. I think of it as the most important investments I can make, an investment in a Health future.

D Wood.